Voter Info


This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re taking an important step to help ensure that everyone who is registered to vote here in Takoma Park can do so safely in our November 3 elections for Mayor and City Council. City elections will be conducted entirely by mail.

Please note that this is completely separate from the Maryland ballot that includes the Presidential and Congressional elections. While the Governor has announced plans for a smaller number of large voting centers for in-person voting in the Presidential and Congressional races, you can request a State mail-in ballot (there will be ballot drop-off sites) if you’d prefer to avoid the crowds and the lines:

Regardless of how you decide to vote in the Federal elections, you must vote separately by mail for the Takoma Park Mayoral and City Council elections. In October all Takoma Park registered voters will receive local election ballots in the mail, Any that are postmarked by Election Day will count as long as the City receives them no later than 5 days after the election.

There will also be ballot drop-off sites (details announced later), and the Community Center will be open on Election Day for in-person voting for anyone unable to vote by mail. You don’t have to apply for a City mail-in ballot -- all registered voters will receive them in the mail.

It’s unfortunate that in many spots around the world and even in parts of this country the concept of fair, open voting is under attack. Fortunately, here in Takoma Park we go the other way: we want more people to vote. We make registration easy, and we include 16 - 17-year olds and residents who aren’t US citizens in our local elections.

So this year let’s show everyone -- including skeptical national leaders -- that mail-in ballots are safe, reliable alternatives. And don’t forget that you’ll have to cast two separate ballots this year: one for the local Takoma Park elections and another for President, Congress, etc.