Endoresment from State Senator Jamie Raskin

I couldn't be more pleased and proud to have the endorsement of my Ward One neighbor, who also happens to be our amazing State Senator Jamie Raskin, Here's his statement and also a picture of us at the August 8 Progressive Maryland gathering in Silver Spring.

Peter Kovar with State Senator Jamie Raskin

“Peter Kovar is the kind of public-spirited citizen our Founders dreamed of and the kind of hands-on leader our community needs.  He always puts the people first. He thinks everything through clearly and has an exemplary sense of proportion and decency.  And his career from Capitol Hill to HUD to Maryland state and local politics has been marked by both great devotion and great success.  I am overjoyed that he has decided to run for the Takoma Park Council to represent Ward One. Peter’s candidacy is cause not just for support but for celebration. I will be proud to call him my Councilmember.”

--State Senator Jamie Raskin

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