Elect Peter Kovar for City Council

I was honored to be chosen in 2015 by Ward One voters to represent them on the Takoma Park City Council. Serving in that position, in the City I love, has been uniquely gratifying. I hope I’ve lived up to the confidence friends and neighbors placed in me when they elected me. I’m very pleased to announce that I’m running for reelection this fall, and I’m asking Ward One residents for their vote.

Despite the negativity and gridlock we see today in politics, serving on the Council I’ve seen first-hand that City residents don’t buy into the cynical idea that government doesn’t work. I’ve approached the job with the belief that government can be a force for good, and I’m pleased as a Councilmember to have contributed to a number of positive steps for our community, including:

  • winning approval of and funding for the Library renovation
  • shifting our local elections to even years in order to increase turnout
  • keeping our City safe for immigrants, racial and ethnic minorities and our LGBTQ community
  • establishing a new affordable housing fund
  • cutting property tax rates in the recently adopted City budget
  • collaborating with our Police Department to enhance public safety
  • pushing for reasonable Montgomery College construction in North Takoma
  • finding a workable way forward on the Takoma Junction development
  • passing the plastic bag ban ordinance
  • Increased funding for programs that help youth, the disabled, and immigrants

That work isn’t finished, and there are many other issues I want to work on – together with my Council colleagues, City staff, and Ward One residents -- to improve the City, consistent with our long record of progressive legislation and social activism. 

I’ve placed a high priority on proactive, transparent communication with Ward One neighbors; working hard to address the concerns and problems of individual residents; and avoiding the uncompromising attitudes that seem to have infected so much of our national political debate. I’m asking Ward One residents to vote for me on November 7 so I can continue these efforts. Together we can make the next chapter of Takoma Park’s history one of our best. 

I’ll be formally kicking off my campaign on Saturday, September 9, from 2:00 – 4:00 PM, and I’ll send out more information on that event shortly. In the coming months, you may see me knocking on doors, meeting residents at house parties, and participating in community events. Details on the schedule will be posted here and circulated widely.

It’s been said that if cities lose their heritage, they could be “just anywhere.” Celebrating and protecting the things that make Takoma Park a great place to live is fundamental to my City Council work. It includes taking steps to keep our neighborhoods safe; our tree canopy lush; our tolerance and acceptance of all people strong; and our community affordable; and also supporting vital local institutions like the Library, the Co-op, the Farmers Market, the Street and Folk Festivals and the July 4th Parade. Without those and many other features, we wouldn’t have our amazing, unique community. I try to remember that every day, and to do all I can to make sure Takoma Park never becomes Just Anywhere.